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The double lariat is a stunning look. The end of each chain, at staggered lengths of 18 and 19 inches are two pearls, 9mm and 10mm. The drop shape of the pearls adds to the "dripping in pearls" look. You have two chain choices:


Van Balen Design
White Gold
Here is the white gold version of the most popular necklace we offer. This necklace has two drop shapped 9mm to 10mm pearls. The shiny mirrored snake chain in white gold is available upon request.
Spiral Lariat
This is the beautiful spiral lariat. The spiral of gold in the front is stationary, and the two pearls dangle from the spiral at 18 inches. The pearls on this necklace are round. You may request matching pearl colors by sending us an email. You have your choice of pearl size.
Spiral Lariat White Gold
This is the beautiful spiral lariat. The spiral of gold in the front is stationary on this 18 inch necklace with 10mm pearls. You have your choice pearl shape.
This is the necklace for the active girl. You can dance, do yoga, or even let babies grab at it. The pearl is not coming off, or getting in your way. This very comfortable design has a round 11mm pearl drilled and threaded through a strong 14k gold snake chain. The pearl moves freely and "floats" on the chain. (sold individually)
The Tin Cup Design
This is a stunning choice. For this necklace we chose the sparkling diamond-cut rolo chain and inter space them with beautiful round multicolored pearls. The pearl sizes can range from 11mm to 12mm. Your have your choice of:
5 pearls
9 pearls
My Dad's Favorite
This necklace is the two pearl lariat with the diamond cut rolo chain. It is 18 inches in length, and has two 11mm round A quality pearls and absolutely gorgeous! Available in white gold.
This is the three pearl lariat with the rolo chain. The three round pearls on this necklace are all 11mm, and they graduate in color from light to dark. Available in white gold.
The Deforge Enhancer
This style of enhancer also looks great on a chain, especially on the rolo chain.  It may be enhanced with the "De Forge" EARRINGS. The pearls are semi-round, and graduate in size from 9mm to 11mm perfectly.

The Manhatten
Our five pearl diamond-cut rolo chain lariat is a work of art. The pearls are semi-round, and A quality. The smallest pearls are 9mm and the largest drop pearl is 12mm.
This gorgeous necklace showcases red sapphires. The length of this beaded lariat is 17" in and is enhanced with 14k gold beads. The pearl is a round 10 mm A quality beauty. A stunning, one of a kind necklace.
In Full Bloom
This beaded choker necklace is 16" in length.  Longer necklaces availble upon request.  The beautiful diamond cut garnet beads highlight the 10mm pearl's unique color.
Bora Bora
This is a very original design, and availability may be limited. The beads are aquamarine, and both of the pearls are Tahitian pearls. The 14k yellow gold spacers beads are an accent to this 18" beaded lariat. The silver pearl is 11 mm and the darker pearl is 9 mm.
The Tanzinite Floater
We are happy to offer a tanzinite necklace, with 14k yellow gold beads. The pearl is a semi round, 9 mm A quality with great luster. This necklace looks great day or night! This length is 16", and it may be made longer upon request.


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